What do the numbers in front of the image name indicate?

The numbers in front of the image names indicate the competition level of the image. The level directs the judge to take into account the experience and skill level of the maker of the image when choosing a score and offering a critique.


Level 1-Novice


Judges will show leniency when scoring. Judging will include focus, exposure, basic composition (e.g. rule of thirds, diagonals etc.).


Level 2-Intermediate


Judges can expect a high standard of photography. There is little room for errors. In addition to the basics noted in level 1 this level will be judged on: depth of field, appropriate use of light, avoidance of unnecessary elements in an image.


Level 3-Advanced


The highest standards are applied. Images must be of exceptional quality and display technical mastery of the medium; evidence of an understanding of the “wow” factor (e.g. use of colour, mastery of lighting, contrast, subject selection, superior composition, etc.).